The Write Structure: A Simple Effective Method for {Teaching} Writing Across the Content Areas

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Welcome to , a simple, robust strategy for teaching students how to attack a variety of writing prompts -- both those in our classrooms and those on various standardized tests. takes the guesswork out of students' biggest question about writing: How do I write this? Blank paper or an empty text box will no longer signal the chorus of sighs and moans. Anxiety will be lowered. Students will embrace writing prompts because they'll know how to think about writing. In short, is a case study in simplified writing instruction.

What's Included

Part I - Introduction

In this section, Lindsay lays out genesis and overviews the strategy; she also shares how she rolls it out at the start of the school year. 

Part II - The Nine Key Practices

In this section, Lindsay demonstrates the nine keys for using in a manner that will stick with and engage your students. Specifically, she shows you how to:

Chapter 1: Model with It

Chapter 2: Confer with It

Chapter 3: Move with It

Chapter 4: Share It

Chapter 5: Transfer It

Chapter 6: Celebrate It

Chapter 7: Score with It

Chapter 8: Score It with Students

Chapter 9: Repeat It

Part III - Sample Lessons

Finally, Lindsay provides 14 sample lessons to get you started quickly and to demonstrate how The Write Structure can be applied in a variety of situations.

English Language Arts [ELA] Lessons

Lesson 1: Argumentative Paragraphs

Lesson 2: Author’s Craft

Lesson 3: Character Development

Lesson 4: Point of View

Lesson 5: A Speech

Lesson 6: A Summary

Lesson 7: Text Comparison

Lesson 8: Theme

Content Area (Non-ELA) Lessons

Lesson 9: Art

Lesson 10: Math

Lesson 11: Music

Lesson 12: Science

Lesson 13: Social Studies

Lesson 14: A (Non-ELA) Speech

Additional Resources:  A four and five paragraph essay template!! 

Questions & Answers

What if I want copies of this for a large group of teachers?

We do offer bulk pricing. For more information, please contact

What grade levels is The Write Structure appropriate for?

While this question's answer largely depends on where your students are as writers, we feel it's best suited for students in grades 4-10.

What if I don't like it?

We have a simple guarantee policy: if you're not happy, email us (, and we'll give you a refund on the double.

What if it changes the course of my life and my classroom ends up being the focus of a Hollywood teacher movie?

Give Lindsay a line in the credits.

What if I think something should be added?

This e-book offers such an in-depth examination of The Write Structure strategy because Lindsay has tweaked her instruction around this for years, and she's seen the strategy successfully spread into her colleague's classrooms across the content areas. With that said, we realize that we may have had blind spots in creating this book, so we'd be happy to hear from you. Use the email address above.

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The Write Structure: A Simple Effective Method for {Teaching} Writing Across the Content Areas

1 rating
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